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Welcome to my website!  I'm an actress, director, playwright, and teacher.  Look for my published plays (under the name Sylvia Davenport-Veith) at:




JAC Publishing & Promotions:



Sylvia Veith
Represented by:
The Jana VanDyke Agency
Awards & Honors:

Winner of the Moira Thornette Director's Award from The Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards, 2019 as well as Best Play; Best Ensemble; Best Sound Design.

Film and Theatre:

Ruby in Pamela Parker's Second Samuel, New Depot Players, 2019.

Gretchen Fitzgerald in The Homicide Hunter (#710),

  ID Discovery, 2017.

Senior Woman in Placebo, Indie, 2017.

Marge in His Love is Blind, Indie, 2015.

Violet Bradford in Blithe Spirit, New Depot Players, 2015.

Grandma Kurnitz in Lost in Yonkers, New Depot Players, 2013.

Ida in Second Wind Storms McKenzie Farms, Indie, 2013.

Nita Thompson in Final Witness (Episode Vixen's Elixer),

  ABC Television, 2012.

Teresa in Under the Moon of Love, Indie, 2012.

Gloria in Creditors, Indie, 2012.

Janina Rose St. Clair in America Funds, Indie, 2012.

Maggie in Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner,

  The Academy Theatre, 2012.

Carlene in The Hallelujah Girls OnStage Atlanta, 2011.

Geneva in Christmas Belles, OnStage Atlanta, 2010.


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